Arts Programs For Senior Citizens

Since 2009, ARTS By The People has been promoting and conducting unique and collaborative arts classes and workshops for seniors. We are proud to say that we currently serve over 1,000 seniors in residential facilities in New Jersey and New York City. Below is a partial list of our current programs that we offer.


Dance Workshops

Stories in Motion combines spoken word, poetry, and dance to create a uniquely interpretive and sensorial experience for students, mixing original works created in our poetry workshops with choreography. Each poem/dance provides a catalyst for discussion: language, imagery, emotional embodiment, and physical interpretation.

Revolving Doors Workshops

Revolving Doors is an Arts By The People project which pairs senior memoir writers with animation students. Together, they work on short films that bring the seniors’ memoirs to the big screen.


The Art of Conversation, Our Stories, Art Destinations, and Talking Art series

These programs offer lively interactive discussions and presentations on a range of topical issues and subjects, engaging students in the art of storytelling.


Songwriting, Creative Writing, Memoir Writing, and Poetry workshops

The focus of these workshops is to foster both collaborative and individual writing experiences adapted to suit the needs of each group. To date we have published seven books of original works written by our participants.


Floral Arts workshops

These programs engage participants in nature-based activities including floral arranging, horticultural crafts, and modified gardening experiences that focus on stimulating the senses, memory, motor skills, and social interaction.


Jewelry Making, Card Making, Wearable Art, Fine Arts, and Photography workshops

These workshops offer students the opportunity to learn new creative skills across a range of visual media in a setting tailored to each group’s specific needs.