Cellar Door is a monthly workshop open to all people, all levels, that will focus on honing a particular element of craft.  

In the the first hour we will tackle a particular element of craft such as eliminating unnecessary wordiness in writing, metaphor and symbolism, how to self-edit, what drives a story forward, how to avoid cliches, what is the turn in a poem and how to get there. The workshop will be lead by ARTS By The People resident artist Tamara Zbrizher, as well as guest artists who will be brought in to teach and expand the scope of the participants’ vision. The workshop will focus on generative writing.  The second hour of the evening program will be devoted to a critique session. The critique session will follow the format of a formal workshop, where the students will be asked to bring one piece to be critiqued by their peers and the workshop leader. This is voluntary, but feel it is a helpful tool and space for those writers who don’t have access to professional or peer review.

Our goal for Cellar Door is to create a space for a community of local writers who are serious about their work and to help them further their craft.  We hope to create a space where people feel safe sharing and listening and where they can grow not only as writers, but also as individuals. 

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