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Lynne McEniry

Assistant Poetry Editor

LYNNE MCENIRY, MFA, is the author of the poetry collection, some other wet landscape published by Get Fresh Books, LLC.  Her poems have been recognized for a Pushcart Prize and for second prize and honorable mention for the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award.  They have been widely published in journals and anthologies and have been used in collaboration with other creative arts projects. Lynne shares her time collaborating on and curating poetry for various projects with ARTS By The People. She screens and edits manuscripts and individual poems for various journals, presses, and individual poets. Born in Yonkers, NY, Lynne lives in Morristown, NJ, where she also works at The College of Saint Elizabeth as a writing instructor and director of the Academic Success Center.

From Lynne: “her eyelids trace maps of strange geographies / savage tattoos kept only in the tenuous / circle of her dreams” -Marjorie Agosin, trans. by Cola Franzen