An International Collaborative Project Between Writers, Art Animators and Voice Actors.

 ARTS By the People celebrates the art of collaboration between writers and filmmakers. Writers who submit their works to this project will see their words transformed into short films by animation students from various international animation schools. The goal of this unique event is to empower and inspire writers of all ages to tap into their inner creativity. Likewise, Moving Words encourages young animators to bring words to life through their visual art.

Moving Words is an ARTS By The People project made possible by a generous grant from The Santiago Abut Foundation, in loving memory of Santiago Abut.


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Here’s a partial list of festivals and events that Moving Words films have appeared in:

  • The Animix International Festival, Tel Aviv

  • Flippin, Moving Words, Nominated for Best Animation Project

  • Epos Art Film Festival

  • Animax International Film Festival, Catalonia, Spain

  • New York Film Critics Series

  • CreateArts, Brooklyn, NY

  • NYC 2 Paris

  • MAYO Performing Art Center, Starlight Lounge

  • New Jersey International Film Festival

Animation programs currently participating in Moving Words 2019 are: