Episode 5: C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective

Join host Paul Rabinowitz as he speaks with C4 Executive Director Elise Brancheau and Singer/Composer Jaime Klenetsky. C4: The Choral Composer/ Conductor Collective exists to enrich artists and audiences alike through passionate advocacy of new choral works, performing pieces written within the last 25 years, premiering and commissioning new choral works, and mentoring emerging singers, composers, and conductors of today's choral music. C4 is a unique, award-winning chorus directed and operated collectively by its singing members, functioning not only as a presenting ensemble in its own right but also as an ongoing workshop and recital chorus for the emerging composers, conductors, and singers within the group. It is the first organization of its kind and one of the few choral groups in the nation to focus exclusively on the music of our time.


C4's social media/website:

Website: www.c4ensemble.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/c4ensemble/

Instagram: @c4ensemble

Twitter: @c4ensemble

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE11FqzczssDjkTAzomOmBA

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/c4ensemble

Contact info: http://www.c4ensemble.org/contact.html

Project Encore (a great place to find contemporary choral works; some C4 composers are featured here): http://projectencore.org/?fbclid=IwAR26rVN3MbgZ_DWbuwdrrnmwv-eLhlTgP23aqQcm1yxwTiqssAi47sR32Qc

See-A-Dot Music Publishing (another great place to find contemporary choral works; founded by a longtime C4 member, Fahad Siadat): https://www.seeadot.com/

Julia Wolfe (composer): https://juliawolfemusic.com/

Caroline Shaw (composer): https://carolineshaw.com/

New Amsterdam Records: https://www.newamrecords.com/

The Crossing (choir): https://www.crossingchoir.org/

The choirs of the C4 Network:

1. C3LA (Los Angeles): https://www.c3la.org/

2. Inversion Ensemble (Austin): http://inversionensemble.com/

3. Triad (Boston): https://www.triadchoir.org/

4. Artifice Ensemble (Washington, D.C.): No website yet! They're super new. They are on Instagram at @artificeensemble.

Jamie Klenetsky Fay: http://jamieklenetsky.com/

Composer Diversity Database: https://www.composerdiversity.com/composer-diversity-database

Jonathan David (composer of "Triptych"): https://www.jonathandavidmusic.com/

Zsuzsanna Ardó (poet for "Triptych"): http://www.ardo.org/about

Jesse Kipp (visual artist/programmer for C4's "Identity" concert in June 2020): https://www.toomanybees.com/