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SPOTLIGHT is an original Arts By The People video series which highlights and promotes artists from a variety of mediums who are doing unique work in their creative fields. We are working with one-of-a-kind, innovative artists and capturing the essence of their work flow and thought process through intimate documentary-style short films. 



Diana Palermo

In this episode of Spotlight, we are introduced to visual artist and art educator Diana Palermo. Working intuitively through fiber processes, printmaking, photography, and collage, Palermo’s workflow is integral to their pieces. They challenge themes of masculinity, femininity, and sexuality throughout the mediums used in their work, which Diana described in one word as being obsessive, and themselves as honest. In this edition of Spotlight, Arts By The People takes you on a journey through landscapes, where parallels can be drawn between Palermo’s visual art and the patterns seen from light and cast shadows. These views are complemented by interior shots of Diana’s Index Art Center studio in Newark, New Jersey, as the audience is brought into Palermo’s creative processes through a collage in the making. Diana sheds light onto the importance of allowing oneself to be experimental, and the difference it can make to be supported as a young artist. In addition to their visual work, they are currently an art educator in northern New Jersey, and have held a residency at Vermont Studio Centers. Diana received their Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Arts in Philadelphia, and their Masters in Art Education from Kean University in 2013.

Video produced by Melissa Efrus