Board Members

Paul Rabinowitz, Founder and Executive Director since 2009, is responsible for the bold direction of ARTS By The People (ABTP) and the organization’s unique and cutting edge programming. He is involved with the daily activities of ABTP, including outreach, event production, managing staff and interns, fundraising, and project development. During his tenure, ABTP has enjoyed steady growth in the number of monthly workshops, events and international collaborations. Rabinowitz has developed partnerships with universities in the US and abroad to build meaningful internships and opportunities for their students. He has produced eleven mixed media performances with ABTP, and explores innovative ways to integrate technology with the creative arts for a more immersive experience.

Prior to his current position Rabinowitz was president of a New Jersey nonprofit sports and mentoring program where he played a pivotal role in building and shaping the organization. He brings over 25 years of business experience as the founder and president of OMEX, a mid-sized, privately held company. Rabinowitz’ area of expertise is in sales and marketing as well as profit and loss management.

Rabinowitz also lectures, teaches creative writing and volunteers his business experience to assist arts organizations and emerging artists. His interest in modern dance has opened up collaborations with choreographers, writers and art animators and his short stories and photography appear in numerous journals and magazines. Rabinowitz has a degree in History from Tulane University, and a post graduate certificate from the Ministry of Tourism, Israel.

“The journey from ARTS By The People’s inception to the present day has been one marked by tremendous progress. From a single workshop in a small studio in East Hanover, New Jersey to international collaborations between writers, composers, art animators, and actors, ABTP continues to provide unique workshops, programs and community events that promote creativity and collaboration.”

“We have distinguished ourselves by working with populations that do not have easy access to the arts, and believe that the future of our world lies in the next generation’s ability to be creative no matter what profession they pursue.”

Paul Rabinowitz, Executive Director

Paul Rabinowitz, Executive Director

Board of Trustees

Adam Shapiro – President
Dr. Lawrence Barnard – Treasurer
Julie Friedman – Secretary
Rosemary Cenatiempo – Board Member at Large 
Daniel A. Abut
Shane Wagner
Hector Mislovsky