A Cross National Collaboration of Musical Composers, Poets and Dancers

The Intonation project is a collaboration between American poets and composers from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Israel. Our goal is to foster a deeper understanding of one another’s cultures, artistic process and humanity through the exploration of the idea of the “body” and how its dissimilarities unite us. The poets will participate in a residency where they will each give a talk on the concept of the body. They will then write a poem inspired by the ideas discussed, which will be sent to the composers in Jerusalem, where they will create and structure a musical narrative based on the poetry.  The compositions will be sent back to the United States to be performed and recorded by musicians and then choreographed by dancers who will perform the original work to a wide audience, who will in-turn become part of the project as they internalize the ideas presented. This is a circuitous process that emphasizes the idea of equality, inclusion and a deeper understanding of the self as it is reflected in the many selves our bodies inhabit. 

The artists chosen for the project come from different cultural and religious, socio-economic and artistic backgrounds, which leads to a multi-layered scope of what art/artist in America or Israel looks and sounds like. We strive to showcase the assertion that there is no singular definition of an experience; though we are situated on two different continents and use different modes of expression, we seek to bridge this gap by inviting both sets of artists to use their craft and culture to explore the thing that we all share in common, our bodies, our humanity.  There are bodies of water in between us, there are histories that separate us and yet what we hope to achieve is a deeper understanding of one another’s plight and the beauty of our shared differences written across one body of work.