“Lost Love Found Love”

This music workshops for senior citizens allowed them to explore, listen to, and discuss the great songwriting of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. The group then worked on creating some new music for the “Great American Songbook.”

Lester Senior Housing -- Improvisational dance with poetry!

Improvisational dance with poetry!

Zoe Rappaport and Libby Mislan

This past friday, participants of our regular memoir writing workshops at Lester Senior Housing had a special treat! Teaching artists Zoe Rappaport and Libby Mislan stopped by to run a unique writing assignment that combined improvisational dance with poetry by Kahlil Gibran. Check out some photos taken from that special day!


Love Music, a poem by Naomi Zaslow

Created in our Memoir Workshop, September 2014.

Love Music

Was the music in waves of the ocean

Some overwhelming lover’s potion?

When we met on that sandy Beach,

Who could have known the heights we’d reach?

A 16 year old blue-eyed blond.,

A World War Two Vet, who’d crossed The Pond.

Fit and handsome with shiny black hair,

There weren’t many who could compare.

Positive that you’d found your mate,

You didn’t want to negotiate.

We’d go steady, and then be married.

Just entering college, is why I tarried.

But your determination and persistence

Overwhelmed me, and my resistance.

We loved and laughed and made a life,

Ex-soldier, school girl, husband, wife.

It’s been as good as life can get,

And, amazingly, I love you yet.

From a chance meeting by water and sand,

We made love music, in life’s band.

Art as an Outlet – a documentary

Art as an Outlet – a documentary (Dana DeBarros)


In support of National Assisted Living Week, teaching artist Dana DeBarros proposed filming a documentary about the importance of the arts in the lives of senior citizens. She interviewed seven residents from Lester Senior Housing and documented how art has affected them both physically and emotionally. Watch the documentary here:

Floral Arts


The participants of the Floral Arts program enjoyed escaping the winter blues by creating miniscapes with beach sand, seashells and Tilandsias. The Air plants and Spanish Moss are part of the Bromeliad family of plants and conjured up many memories of bright tropical blooms, warmer wonderful days in Florida and vacations in the south.